It is through unexpected meetings and the mix of skills that creative solutions are born. The purpose and objective of the Last Mile Hack is to foster innovative solutions that have a possibility to make a real impact on the world of e-commerce and logistics.

The Last Mile Hack is an innovation challenge and conference arranged by Floe.

Steering group

Calle Norling – Project Manager

Karsten Deppert – Advisor

Amelie Lidén – Advisor

Matilda Edvardsson – Partners Manager

Klas Hjort – Researcher, ReLog

Daniel Hellström, Researcher ReLog

Karsten Deppert – E-commerce Entrepreneur

Amelie Lidén – CEO, E-Commerce Park of Sweden

Matilda Edvardsson – Partner Manager

Calle Norling – Project Manager

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the Hack please contact me. P


The organisations behind the hack

Floe is an non-profit organisation for Logistics and E-commerce with the purpose to connect, strengthen and develop the Logistics & E-commerce arena in Sweden. As logistics is a facilitator for e-commerce as well as e-commerce is an accelerator for development of logistics we believe in merging these fields in order to create possibilities for better dialogue between actors and a society with well-functioning infrastructure.

ReLog is an innovative environment for the development of the retail services and city logistics of the future, in cooperation between Lund University, the city of Helsingborg, Familjen Helsingborg, VINNOVA and business and industry in Helsingborg. ReLog aims to pursue, strengthen and develop interdisciplinary, need-oriented and applied research, primarily in logistics, that contributes to enhancing skills, a new workforce and innovation, and with that, growth for the business community.

Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation authority. Their task is to contribute to sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovation. They do this primarily by providing grants for innovation projects and research needed to develop new solutions. They also invest in a long-term perspective on strong research and innovation environments.

Handelsrådet – The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council is a foundation consisting of employers associations and national labour unions within retailing. We are a platform where the parties can run successful and effective dialogue with decision makers, opinion leaders and the general public. The Council will increase knowledge and awareness of the importance of retail and wholesale in society. Activities should be based on sustainability, openness and innovation.