For all of you that wants to use the APIs and data. Here is information and details how to use the Renz box as well as PostNord API.


There is a Parcel Locker placed at MP1 (The food/café area). Here’s some information to use the device. I recommend you to visit Edwin’s talk/workshop at the the Auditorium at MP1 at

*device name*: RCU hackathon

*user*: mindpark

*pass*: yasGdLA4Tv94mAkf

This is the Bluetooth communication protocol to communicate with the Renz box

UUID: 0000110100001000800000805F9B34FB

msgLoginSA = “AA3930000064020037000055”

msgGetBoxConfig = “AA393000006500000055”

msgLoginDM = “AA393000006E0400260000000055”

msgOpenBox = “AA39300000D20100010055”

0x37 = service agen id (from cap)


How fun you want to hack with the PostNord API. Use this information to login and take part of all of the documentation and credentials. Come to the infobox if you have any questions.

Also: there is a maximun of calls/day. (Take that in mind when working on your solutions)

Go to this website and log in with:


Username: lastmilehacker

Password: LastMileHack