Here is some important information regarding the presentation for Sunday.

Updated schedule!

We have re-arranged in the schedule. Instead of doing pre-pitches in front of the jury we will start with all presentations at 14.00 in U202, where you will pitch for the jury and all other teams.

In order to make is easier for both you and us, it’s very important that we receive the presentation before the deadline, 13.00.

It is also very important that the presentation is Google Slide. https://www.google.com/slides/about/

Quick Info

  • Present in 3 minutes (no more)
  • Deadline for uploading presentation at 13.00 (See how below)
  • Presentations must be Google Slides

How long should the presentation be?

All the pitches should be max 3 minutes long. That means, from the moment you start presenting you will have three minutes to show what you want to show. After three minutes the moderator cuts you off.

Should my presentation be in a specific format?

Yes, it needs to be a Google Slide presentation. We prefer if the visual ratio of the presentation is 16:9. They must be uploaded here before 13.00.

Where should we upload the presentation?

The presentation should be uploaded in the folder with your team name.

Upload you presentation in this folder.

When is the deadline?

The deadline is 13.00.

What if we want to do it in another format?

You will not pitch in front of the jury and will not be able to compete for prizes.

What if we don’t have a presentation?

It’s totally OK if you don’t want a presentation. Please write to calle@lastmilehack.com if you don’t plan to show anything.

Pitch Workshop

At 9.00 in room U202 there will be a pitch workshop with Mike Dooley. Get thoughts on how to make it and get som valuable ideas on how to convince the jury that your team is the worthy winner.